vendredi 21 septembre 2012

We left the aeroport on Friday the 14th of September at 10 am, more or less. We had a splendid flight and arrived at 1 pm. Our families came to the aeroport with the correspondants. They had made a poster for us and had written on it: welcome! The mother of Fran, my correspondant, hugged me, told me that I was her daugther and made me feel confortable. She’s very nice to me and wants me to consider her a second mother. I met the father, who is very calm and very nice too. We talked with the French teachers for a little while and we went to a restaurant to eat. I met Fran's brother who is my age. Then we went home. In the evening, we all went out and visited a little bit of Velez-Malaga. On Saturday, we went to the beach all day long. It really was great ! We got sun burn on our faces but we didn’t care ! We went home and got out to eat outside. The next morning, we went to an amusement park and did horrible games. It was very entertaining ! We got to spend time with our correspondents, and had a good time.
It really changes from Paris. The sun is brighter, it’s hotter and it’s not the same rhythm. We enjoy a lot the beginning of our trip. We already have a tan and Spanish is getting in our brains, so much so we have troubles talking and writing in English. 

 By Leah M.

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