mercredi 14 novembre 2012

En Espana, la organizacion del dia es diferente que en Francia. En los institutos las clases terminan a las tres de la tarde. El horario de los dias es desde la ocho y media de la manana a las tres de la tarde. En el instituto, los alumnos no cambian de aula. Cambian de aulas para algunas materias. Las asignaturas en Espana son diferentes a las de Francia : hay asignaturas que no tenemos alli como religion y ciencas del mundo contemporaneo. Aqui la filosofia empienza en primero de bachillerato mientras que alli en segundo. Los alumnos tienen media hora de recreo desde la diez y media hasta la once menos cinco y otra desde la una menos cinco hasta la una y cinco. Los horarios de la comida tambien son distintos. Por ejemplo el desayuno es a las ocho de la manana, durante la manana solemos comer un bocadillo o una fruta en el instituto y cuando acabamos las clases, almorzamos, a media tarde es la merienda y por ultimo la cena que puede ser a la nueve y media aproximadamente (depende de las actividades que tengamos, por ejemplo : danza, piano, deporte…) Para los padres, la jornada laboral dura desde las ocho de la manana hasta las tres de la tarde o las ocho si es jornada completa (depende del tipo de trabajo.) Llegado el viernes acaba la jornada de trabajo y podemos salir de tapeo con amigos y despues dar un paseo y tomarnos algo.
La cultura es diferente. Nuestra ciudad es mas pequena que Paris. La vida aqui es mas tranquila. La gente no esta tanta nerviosa como en Paris. Toda las personas se conocen, se reunen los fines de semana para cenar y hacer fiestas. Nos gusta mucho vivir aqui.

Zoé Rouault, Léah Ménard et Zoé Fatus.

mardi 2 octobre 2012

When we arrived at the airport of Malaga in Spain, The families and the teachers were waiting for us. It was really cool, because they were so welcoming! Then, we went to the pizzeria and we ate together, we spoke with our correspondants (about their trip to Paris and their feelings...). After, we went to the shopping center of Velez-Malaga and we went shopping. Then late in the aftenoon, I went to my home where I will live for three months, and I unpacked my suitcase. At night, we visited Velez-Malaga by night with the boys.
On Saturday, we went to the beach with everybody, I loved it: there was a lot of sun, there was music, I was swimming, it was  paradise. After we went to a party organized for the departure of our correspondants, it was nice because I met really sweet people, so I wasn't homesick. 
At last, on Sunday, I went to the Trivoli Park, it's a kind of fun fair with a lot of attractions. We spent all day long in this park. It was so fun! There were every kinds of merry-go-rounds.
Since I arrived in Velez-Malaga, My family was so nice with me! At the beginning, I was not able to understand when they talked to me, now it's better! I understand almost everything and my family repeat less than before. I'm really happy to be here! At the beginning, I was a little bit stressed to be homesick and cry every night in my bed but not! Of course I miss my real family but people are very nice and welcoming here!

Zoé F.

lundi 1 octobre 2012

Friday morning, we left Paris in a plane to Malaga. We were on the plane for 2 hours. The flight was very good. We were very excited. We arrived at the airport at 1 pm and we met the families. They made a big poster for us. They took many pictures with us and the teachers. We finally went to eat on a restaurant with the three families. It was very nice. Then, we went to our houses. I live in a flat with the little brother of Juanjo called Albarro and his older sister Laura. They are both very nice. Juanjo's parents are very nice too and very good to me. They have a turtle. They welcomed me very well. The atmosphere is very pleasant. Friday night, we went with the correspondants to a parc and we ate a sandwich. On Saturday, we went to the beach. It was splendid. The weather was perfect. We stayed for a day. On Sunday, we went to Trivoli, an attraction park. The attractions were scary, I loved it. Then we went home to eat with Zoe's family. We had a barbecue. Spain is very beautiful, the sea is warm and the landscapes are perfect. We like it here. I look forward to coming months!

  Zoé R.

vendredi 21 septembre 2012

We left the aeroport on Friday the 14th of September at 10 am, more or less. We had a splendid flight and arrived at 1 pm. Our families came to the aeroport with the correspondants. They had made a poster for us and had written on it: welcome! The mother of Fran, my correspondant, hugged me, told me that I was her daugther and made me feel confortable. She’s very nice to me and wants me to consider her a second mother. I met the father, who is very calm and very nice too. We talked with the French teachers for a little while and we went to a restaurant to eat. I met Fran's brother who is my age. Then we went home. In the evening, we all went out and visited a little bit of Velez-Malaga. On Saturday, we went to the beach all day long. It really was great ! We got sun burn on our faces but we didn’t care ! We went home and got out to eat outside. The next morning, we went to an amusement park and did horrible games. It was very entertaining ! We got to spend time with our correspondents, and had a good time.
It really changes from Paris. The sun is brighter, it’s hotter and it’s not the same rhythm. We enjoy a lot the beginning of our trip. We already have a tan and Spanish is getting in our brains, so much so we have troubles talking and writing in English. 

 By Leah M.

Et voici leurs correspondants en France!