lundi 1 octobre 2012

Friday morning, we left Paris in a plane to Malaga. We were on the plane for 2 hours. The flight was very good. We were very excited. We arrived at the airport at 1 pm and we met the families. They made a big poster for us. They took many pictures with us and the teachers. We finally went to eat on a restaurant with the three families. It was very nice. Then, we went to our houses. I live in a flat with the little brother of Juanjo called Albarro and his older sister Laura. They are both very nice. Juanjo's parents are very nice too and very good to me. They have a turtle. They welcomed me very well. The atmosphere is very pleasant. Friday night, we went with the correspondants to a parc and we ate a sandwich. On Saturday, we went to the beach. It was splendid. The weather was perfect. We stayed for a day. On Sunday, we went to Trivoli, an attraction park. The attractions were scary, I loved it. Then we went home to eat with Zoe's family. We had a barbecue. Spain is very beautiful, the sea is warm and the landscapes are perfect. We like it here. I look forward to coming months!

  Zoé R.

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