mardi 2 octobre 2012

When we arrived at the airport of Malaga in Spain, The families and the teachers were waiting for us. It was really cool, because they were so welcoming! Then, we went to the pizzeria and we ate together, we spoke with our correspondants (about their trip to Paris and their feelings...). After, we went to the shopping center of Velez-Malaga and we went shopping. Then late in the aftenoon, I went to my home where I will live for three months, and I unpacked my suitcase. At night, we visited Velez-Malaga by night with the boys.
On Saturday, we went to the beach with everybody, I loved it: there was a lot of sun, there was music, I was swimming, it was  paradise. After we went to a party organized for the departure of our correspondants, it was nice because I met really sweet people, so I wasn't homesick. 
At last, on Sunday, I went to the Trivoli Park, it's a kind of fun fair with a lot of attractions. We spent all day long in this park. It was so fun! There were every kinds of merry-go-rounds.
Since I arrived in Velez-Malaga, My family was so nice with me! At the beginning, I was not able to understand when they talked to me, now it's better! I understand almost everything and my family repeat less than before. I'm really happy to be here! At the beginning, I was a little bit stressed to be homesick and cry every night in my bed but not! Of course I miss my real family but people are very nice and welcoming here!

Zoé F.

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